Rebranding of NeoStrata.

Skin Active brochure and NeoStrata brand identity guidelines.

NeoStrata has a passion for developing the very best in antiaging skincare through cutting-edge formulations. The primary audience are physicians, followed by women who are serious skincare connoisseurs. The rebrand excluded the use of models and instead focused on the science behind the innovative culture of the brand. The language is deliberately straight-forward and focuses on the science and the clinical studies. The brand is brought to life through elegant, scientific imagery which represent NeoStrata’s dedication to skin health and antiaging while staying true to its dermatological heritage. Brand guidelines and various collateral were developed to maintain cohesiveness across all product lines.



NeoStrata product catalog.
Full-page ad for New Beauty magazine.
Tradeshow backlit panels for Restore and Skin Active product lines.
Tradeshow backlit panels for Skin Active and Enlighten product lines.
Product sell sheets.

This work was produced while employed as Creative Director at Trajectory.